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Moving to Greece and looking for a house online sites and useful tips, living on the Greek islands?

Many people write to us asking Story Hunters TV about how they can look for a house in Greece, what rent prices and living costs are or how they can find a job in Greece.

We therefore decided to create one of our informative videos to provide some answers to these questions with details of online sites where you can look for a house in Greece or how you can consider a change of life and the possibility of changing jobs!

To make the videos easier to watch we will divide them into several parts, for the time being here we will deal with the topic of house hunting!

First of all let's consider the fact of language, English is essential to get online and search for houses both for rent and for sale in Greece. Obviously we consider the fact that many Italians do not know Greek language, so we focus on the international language, English!

The research should be done in English and the search for properties can be done mainly on 2 specialised Greek sites.

It should also be considered that the best time to look for houses in tourist places such as the Greek islands is definitely not spring or summer, but we recommend visiting the place of your choice and seeing houses for rent from the end of September until the end of November. Also, if you are transferring your pension to take advantage of the payment of only 7% taxation in Greece and would like to spend the famous 183 days a year there, then you have another option for house-hunting, namely finding a nice house or villa for tourist use that you can rent at an attractive price between 300€ and 700€ per month depending on the area and local prices, for the winter months between October to April only, and agreeing with the owner to leave it free for the summer rentals between May and September.

The first site we would recommend is

From a smartphone you can see at the top the option to download the application if you prefer. At the top you can select for sale or to rent. In the search part you have to enter the town where you would like to find the house, for example by typing Crete, Crete in English, various places come up, including Heraklion, Rethimno or Chania or other parts of the island. Finally, if you want you can enter a maximum price on the right hand side and I recommend starting the search so that you do not enter too many filters.

Bear in mind that doing this search from Italy can only be a way of studying the prices of the various areas per square metre, but if you really want to look for a house, you must already be on the spot in order to be able to make the necessary appointments to choose what best suits your needs. All this if you do not want to rely on an agency for the relocation, in this case instead everything will be facilitated by the assistance of people who will help you every step of the way, send us an e-mail if you are interested in a contact with an agency for the relocation and we will be happy to put you in touch with those who can provide you with concrete help in your relocation.

Another useful site to search for houses in Greece is

This site does not have an app to download and it is certainly more convenient to do the search from a PC than from a smartphone. However, all you have to do is select Rental in case you are looking for rentals and enter the location, e.g. Syros or Ermoupoli , the main city of this island in Cyclades. Then enter a maximum price and start the search. Bear in mind that some of these properties that are listed here on these portals are tourist rental properties, but here we show you how to recognise them.

Obviously if we see the price of a house at €160/month of 120 sqm we understand that it will be a rent per day and not monthly, in fact opening the tab at the bottom we read 'Holiday Home'. This is one of the many cases in which agencies or owners insert houses for tourist use, even if the price we read seems to be monthly, I'll explain why this happens, very simple... these sites do not provide for the insertion of a daily price, but by default the price is shown monthly, then the advertiser specifies it later in the detail of the ad.

With regard to renting a car, we advise you to plan your trip several months in advance in order to be able to find the best offers on this site provides the best rates in a given place by searching among the rental companies present there.

If you are looking for an agency that can help you with your relocation, send us an e-mail and we will be happy to put you in touch with one of our partner agencies that can support you in your journey to change your life!

Contact us!

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