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Opening business in the Philippines, the island of Boracay - International Relocation Agency

Vivere a Boracay, avviare attività all'estero

Story Hunters TV interviews a woman who lives with her family in the Philippines for many years and now works online with an agency helping people move abroad and/or starting a business.

I live in BORACAY for 11 years, BORACAY is in the Philippines. I do the relocation, I help people around the world to move and invest, to find their new home facilitating the entire transfer process. Why The Philippines? Because I am an Asia lover. I came here for the first time 11 years ago and I figured out that in the Philippines, compared to other Asian countries, the bureaucracy was easier considering that English is the second official language of the country.This helped me and eventually will help you to better understand the laws and what is happening around you, especially if you speak English. The first time I came to Boracay it was love at first sight.

Here we have one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. For several years Conde' Nast voted Boracay, the white beach, as the most beautiful beach in the world and how can you not be fall in love with this wonderful place, where people are friendly, where people are always careful, where the people live with a wonderful spirit.

The island is wonderful for snorkeling, diving, kiting, surfing, food, and many more.

11 years ago when I came to do my first trip, alone, I met my husband and after seeing this wonderful place I felt a special attraction to the island and we decided to live here.Together we returned to Europe to move here definitively after a while to live and raise our children in Boracay.We invested, we have apartments here and two years ago I was lucky enough to cross the path of this English company working on relocations, for which now I'm the International Team Leader. I started this journey with it because I know the difficulty of relocating by yourself with no helps.It's absolutely an advantage to have someone to support you, someone who knows the laws and the procedures here and in any part of the world as well. Someone who knows the language, who knows how it works. I decided to start working with this company to accompany who wants to change their life but with professional help.

I love Boracay cause the island vibes are the freedom! The freedom that gives children to live, to be themselves, the freedom to experience the wonderful nature we have, to swim and grow in a very natural way.

Many wonder how we live in Boracay. Boracay is a very small island in the Philippines where you live well anyway, where we don't need to travel to have a wonderful sea and beautiful beaches. Retirees are MORE THAN WELCOME as they say because they have very high tax breaks, here there is territorial taxation, which means that taxes are paid only and exclusively on the local income. A pensioner who receives a pension from another state has taxation equal to ZERO more and less of his income. We have two children and we have a family life. I have an online job, my husband in tourism, he is a dive instructor, as well we have apartments that we rent to tourists and long-term.We live a quiet normal life and our cost of living per month is around 1200 euros, that's also because we own where we live. So to be able to move to the Philippines I always recommend investing.You don't need to have a big amount of money to move here, this country can still offer possibilities. Moving instead of looking for a job, unless you have recognized professionalism and therefore you can enter multinationals receiving a European standard salary, I absolutely recommend investing. Investing can be in hotels, restaurants, Filipinos are good eaters, so restaurants are always successful if you cook well of course. From my personal experience, I can assure you this is because before we got these apartments we had two resorts with a restaurant and I have to say that we were quite successful, considering that we always did home cooking. Anyway, the country gives the opportunity to invest in many sectors.

Digital nomads, digital nomads also have no problem, the laws are changing a bit, however, it is still possible to work online, also having a tourist visa that lasts up to three years with us, renewable up to three years a person can absolutely work online, so as for a good income if someone does not need to rent a house it could be 1500 euros per month per household. I am obviously talking to you about my experience for the province, if one moves to Manila, surely the standards are higher, the rents are higher.In short, it depends on whether someone wants to go to live.But why going to a metropolis like Manila, when you can live in a paradise like this?For sure The Philippines are not only Boracay.Boracay is the most famous and best-known island even if in recent years other islands have made a good reputation, for beautiful beaches, for particular conformation of the land and wildlife. Boracay usually brings 3/4 million tourists a year, which can range from local tourism to international tourism.

However, the Philippines are 7,500 islands, depending on the rainy season or the dry season some atolls appear or disappear, so not all of these 7,500 islands are livable, but there are islands that can only be visited during excursions.Anyway, there are other islands where is possible to live and invest.Despite the difficult period that the whole world is experiencing, a few months ago the first university was inaugurated for this province and which therefore has brought and will bring great added value to the new generations of Boracay. Come and visit us in Boracay, come and visit us in the Philippines because it is a country absolutely worth discovering!

By Story Hunters Tv


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