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We sold our house to travel with an ecological electric bus - Giullemonde Family

Living while traveling with an eco-sustainable bus ! Have you ever met someone who made an extraordinary life choice ? Well, we ended up with these wonderful people sharing the same motorhome space in Kaminia in the south of the Peloponnese, so in a way they came to meet us and Leonardo and I immediately thought of interviewing them! It was an interview conducted in 3 languages, where between one laugh and the other we managed to communicate well between English, French and Italian.

Jean Philippe and Laure had already made an ecological choice in their life thanks to the previous house they owned, which was entirely built in an ecological way, with the use of rainwater, solar panels, etc.

After traveling for several years, Jean Philippe, Laure and their daughters Clara and Lisa decided to embark on this project and embrace the Full Time lifestyle by buying a bus and returning it 100% electric, using only solar energy produced by 90 square meters of solar panels positioned on the roof of the bus.

Here on our channel their video interview !

Their bus is called Chou Chou, it was a school bus used to take children on trips that embrace the philosophy of eco -durability. When they found Chou Chou they immediately loved him, he was already drawn as you can see, by a graphic designer who had devoted himself to him long before they met him on the way to their change. So they decided to buy it and hit the road right away!

It was only after selling their house that they would have put in place all the electrical and mechanical systems necessary to make it 100 % ecological. So, as they say in their interview, they limited themselves only to buying the wood necessary to build the interior, excellently designed and built by Jean Philippe and here we go. Until their house was sold and in Toulouse they stopped to do all the necessary work, both to manufacture the 6-speed electric motor with Tesla mechanics, and to create everything the l photovoltaic system consisting of 90 square meters. of solar panels, which produce 300 kw of solar energy.

Thanks to this super system, they can have up to 380 volts and comfortably carry a washing machine, dryer, dishwasher and air conditioning on the bus. Jean Philippe created this Bus thanks to his skills and his intuition which guided him throughout the journey, as well as the support of his family, even if engineers and mechanics advised him to abstain, arguing that the vehicle would be too heavy to support all that weight and according to them it would have been a waste of time and money.

Instead, the facts proved that Jean Philippe's idea was correct and for more than a year now, I travelled with Chou Chou, who did not seem very tired of all the weight he carries. ;) Thank you Jean Philippe and Laure for your beautiful testimony, certainly useful to many who have in mind to make extraordinary life choices! A hug to Clara and Lisa, we wish you the best of every idea that this lifestyle brings to you, because not everyone has the opportunity to be able to live a life so full of experiences and out of the ordinary, good luck to you and to Chou Chou! ;)

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Family traveling with an eco-friendly electric bus with solar panels
Guillemonde family

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